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Christmas Instagram Giveaway!

Posted on: December 16th, 2014 by Hannah Beasley 5 Comments

Instagram is probably my favorite social media platform – I post more there than I do anywhere, and I love the community! It’s been a great place for me to try things out with my work and get feedback, and it really has helped me grow as an artist. So I wanted to host a giveaway over there, just for my Instagram followers!

I created this custom 2015 calendar, and am giving it away to one winner! To enter, head on over to my Instagram post and tag at least one friend in the comments that you think might want to win the calendar. You can tag as many people as you like – one comment/tag equals one entry! The giveaway will end at midnight on the 19th, and I will announce the winner (who will be chosen at random) on Saturday the 20th. Good luck! =)



5 Responses

  1. April says:

    That’s such a beautiful calendar! Can I ask where you got it printed? I’ve been looking for companies that print calendars in this format for so long, and can’t seem to find anyone anywhere!

    • Well thank you! =) Yes, I printed it through Zazzle.com – they did a really great job. The pages are nice and thick – not paper thin like those normal calendars you get at the store, you know? I love the job they did!

  2. Totteanna says:

    Hello! I’m in love with this calendar and I was wondering if there is a way I can buy one from you? Happy Holidays!!

  3. Will this feature work within Haiku LMS?

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