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Oh, Restless Bird Launch

Posted on: July 31st, 2012 by Hannah Beasley 3 Comments

I’ve known Sarah Elizabeth for somewhere around a year and a half, and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her. She’s one of the sweetest ladies you’ll meet, and one of the most fun, too. So I was very honored when she asked me to design her blog; Oh, Restless Bird. Sarah has a really neat style and look that she was going for – she wanted something very open and free, something that would express the restlessness she feels for God. She told me that she loves watercolors and drawings, so we decided to head down that path of…

You’re Perfect. Just The Way You Are.

Posted on: July 27th, 2012 by Hannah Beasley 3 Comments

Sometimes it feels like you can’t win for losing. That everything you do fails miserably, that your successes are never known, never praised. Sometimes it feels like nothing ever goes right, that you don’t get those things in life that seem so important. And then you look around you and see people who are always happy and successful. They are more popular than you, more talented, and have more opportunities to let those talents shine. They will always be there – people who have better cameras, newer computers, better jobs; people who are more popular, more successful, and more talented….

That touch of Elegance

Posted on: July 23rd, 2012 by Hannah Beasley 3 Comments

My job is the best. Seriously. I get to make wonderful friends and create things with them – talk about fun! I’m especially loving this current project & inspiration board. We’re going all out on her brand – from what her goals of her business are to the details of the fun stripes and chevrons that are sprinkled through her site. I can’t wait for the big reveal of her new brand + website + blog! {image and “jenny haas” logo via pinterest}


Posted on: July 19th, 2012 by Hannah Beasley 6 Comments

They came so quickly – the hot days, the blueberry picking, glasses of strawberry lemonade while sitting outside – and they’re already flying by. Wasn’t it just yesterday that school was barely out, when the days still had a hint of cool from the winter? Now the sunflowers have bloomed, the grapes are close to ripening on their green vines, and the days are long. I suppose it’s the way of time – how the days seem to slip by without any effort, how sunrise fades into sunset in the blink of an eye. I’m trying harder to stop my…

The Fourth

Posted on: July 7th, 2012 by Hannah Beasley No Comments

We spent the fourth very simply – we attended a naturalization ceremony, had a picnic lunch, and hung out at Starbucks. (Who can resist a free cup of coffee, anyway?) It was peaceful and restful day. In other news, I’ve been working hard with some wonderful people – some photographers, artists, and more who have been such a pleasure to get to know. I truly can’t wait to share these different projects when they’re done!