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Beauty From Ashes T-Shirt / Supporting Victims of the Carlton Complex Fire

Posted on: August 6th, 2014 by Hannah Beasley 3 Comments

Three weeks ago the worst fire in Washington state history burned through the Carlton Complex area. Many people have lost their homes and now have to pick up the pieces and start over. I don’t think any of us who haven’t been through something like this can really understand what people are going through there – I can’t imagine losing every material thing I have in one day. But despite all the tragedy that many people have been through and are going through right now, people are coming together to help each other; and I know it has brought a lot of hope and comfort to everyone.

Kristin Wall (who heads up the group Delight) and her family live in that area (and thankfully did not lose their home or the Delight house, which is currently under construction), and they are very much involved in helping everyone in their area. One of the things they’re doing to help raise money is selling a t-shirt I had the pleasure of designing – it reads “Beauty from Ashes / Carlton Complex Fire 2014.”

If you would like to help support victims of the fire and would like a t-shirt (that I personally think is pretty cool ;) ), please go to this link and sign up! All the proceeds will go to help people who have been affected by the fire. There is just one week left to sign up – so get those orders in! I’d also ask you to send this on to people you know – the farther we spread the word, the more we can help. Thank you guys!


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    • Gentry says:

      Hi there Hannah! My names Gentry, and amidst my web searches I happened upon your design for the carlton complex relief tshirt. I also happened to notice that the deadline to order has long since passed which was really quite a bummer. I was wondering if there was any way I could get one though, I really really love the design and I’m wild land firefighter from the carlton area. Not that it entitles me to anything, it would just mean a lot. If you think it’s a possibility please let me know! If not I’ll understsnd, love your work!

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