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Tips for Having a Good Work Day

Posted on: May 9th, 2014 by Hannah Beasley No Comments

Sometimes you go through times where work is really demanding and maybe a little overwhelming, and it can be so easy to just barely get things done that have to be done. No more no less. (Especially when you’re self-employed. YouTube can easily suck hours of your work day away if you’re in one of those particularly bad “I don’t want to work” moods.) I’ve been in one of those times for the past week or so, and frankly I just can’t afford it! Plus who wants to be unenthusiastic about work? I’ve found a couple things that have really helped me get back on track when I don’t feel like working, and I thought I’d share them here! Hopefully you can use one or two tips!

HAVE A SET WORK TIME. I like to get up in the morning and not think about work at all until I’ve gotten ready for the day and had breakfast. Then when it’s time to work, I try to not let myself do anything else. (Like YouTube) It’s really helpful to me to relax and not have to think about what needs to be done in the morning. Likewise, it’s great to have a finish time at the end of the day, where you put everything away and go do something else. I’m still working on that one – but every time I do completely put work away at night I’m glad I did.

DRESS NICELY. I LOVE sweatpants and sweatshirts. Or in the summer it’s sweatpants and tshirts. But dressing nicely, while not always the most comfortable thing to do, helps me feel more ready and prepared for the day. Just because no one sees us self-employed/work-at-home entrepreneurs doesn’t mean we can’t dress up during the work week!

DRINK COFFEE. I am firmly convinced that all true inspiration comes from coffee. So I think it’s pretty obvious that you should partake if you want to have a successful work day. My favorite is a regular latte – no fancy trimmings. Except a pretty design on top. And if you don’t like coffee, try having some tea or even just water. Maybe it’s a psychological thing (it probably is), but having something to drink always helps me.

LISTEN TO GOOD MUSIC. Just as coffee is integral to success, I think music is essential to being in a good mood. I’m the type of person who literally cannot start working unless I have something playing. My favorites right now are the Civil Wars – especially their album Barton Hollow, Mumford and Sons, and Gabrielle Aplin. Coffee shop music? I think yes.

BRIGHTEN YOUR WORKSPACE. I just recently realized how nice it is to have flowers and candles on my desk! They do so much to brighten the space as well as my mood. Right now I have buttercups and a cute little cinnamon-scented candle.

What’s your favorite way to get yourself in the mood to work?


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