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My Ordinary Day : Blog Design

Posted on: December 18th, 2013 by Hannah Beasley 3 Comments

It was fun working with Maddy on her design – she was so sweet the whole time and I enjoyed working with the style + colors she chose! (Plus her sister is Jordan – a former client and friend – so that made it even better. =) ) She wanted to use soft blues, pinks, and yellows; and really wanted to incorporate some lace, too. So I ended up hand lettering the title (this time did it in pencil, and really love the textured look I got!), and we added some soft lace to the header. She wanted to emphasize what she blogs about – ordinary days – so we ended up bringing in some of the things she loves (music, cooking, reading/writing) into the header with the icons.

Be sure to check out her blog!

My Ordinary Day : Blog Design : Hannah Rose Beasley


3 Responses

  1. Again, thank you so much! You captured my idea so perfectly! : )


  2. Jordan Eaks says:

    It looked awesome! So perfect for Maddy!! :) Love it!

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