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Monday Inspiration

Posted on: November 26th, 2013 by Hannah Beasley 1 Comment

Feeling inspired lately to do more and try for more. It’s fun to try something new and have it work out…makes you feel pretty good. I have a few things I’m trying out and experimenting with in the way of work and business, and I’m just having fun with it! Speaking of design, I’m kind of in love with the images for this week. “It was always you”…so sweet. That paired with that gorgeous top-right image by Blush Photography…perfect. (She’s one of my very favorite photographers, by the way) And even better with that hand lettering. And the Measure Accounting Co. logo is impeccably designed. I can’t say enough for that kind of simple but strong design…I just love it.

NaNoWriMo is still going well! I seriously can’t believe – I really can’t believe – that it’s gone this well. Every year I’ve done it I’ve fallen behind at some point, and have ended up spending the end of the month (or even most of it) playing catch-up. But this year has been different. The words are in there, and even though it sometimes takes extra effort to pull them out, they still keep coming. At the very least NaNo has been helpful in giving me a way to just practice my writing and learn more about it. If not for NaNo I don’t know if I would have ever written anything bigger than an essay. And I know I never would have gotten as invested in Civil War history as I am now! So even though I know I’m no Dickens or Austen or Bronte, even though I’m pretty sure I’ll never be a famous author, I’m still glad for the chance to spend November writing and trying to be better than I am. It’s fun. And I love looking back and reading things I’ve written through the years. (And frankly, some of it is so good for a laugh. Today I was out with my family and my brother – who is a truly amazing writer – and he was reading some old writings of mine out loud and I could not. stop. laughing. Hilarious stuff, I’m telling you.)

How’s NaNo going for you?

Monday Inspiration : Hannah Rose Beasley

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  1. Natalia Rosa says:

    pretty! I love blush photography too.

    i have a question.. might be totally random. on your video we see clips of your inspiration board. how do you attach them to the board? tape? i didn’t see tacks? i have one with tacks and i think they take away from all my clippings…

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