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Monday Inspiration

Posted on: May 13th, 2013 by Hannah Beasley 1 Comment

“…Mr. Rokesmith not only passed the window, but came into the counting-house. And not only came into the counting-house, but finding himself alone there with Bella and her father, rushed at Bella and caught her in his arms, with the rapturous words, ‘My dear, dear girl; my gallant, generous, disinterested, courageous, noble girl!’ And not only that even (which one might have thought astonishment enough for one dose), but Bella, after hanging her head for a moment, lifted it up and laid it on his breast, as if that were her head’s chosen and lasting resting-place!

‘I knew you would come to him, and I followed you,’ said Rokesmith. ‘My love, my life! You ARE mine?’

To which Bella responded, ‘Yes I AM yours if you think me worth taking!’ And after that seemed to shrink to next to nothing in the clasp of his arms, partly because it was such a strong one on his part, and partly because there was such a yielding to it on hers.”

-Our Mutual Friend, Charles Dickens

I just love that. Call it sappy, call it sweet – I think it’s beautiful and I just felt like posting it today. (And doesn’t it fit so well with that top right photo? What a gorgeous, stunning shot.)

Monday Inspiration >> Hannah Rose Beasley

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi! I found your blog through searching for VSCO actions. I’m new to editing images, mostly I do it for tumblr, and I was wondering if you regularly used actions for your photos such as these, or do you edit them all “by hand” aka individually in photoshop?

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