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Nothin’ Better

Posted on: March 13th, 2012 by Hannah Beasley 4 Comments

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Today we hung out at Starbucks, drinking coffee, eating Cold Stone ice cream, and taking photos of each other. Because we’re cool like that.

Be jealous.

Somehow those are the best days – when not much really happens, but we are just all together not worrying about life. Those are the times that will become the priceless memories that I know neither I nor my siblings or parents will forget – and I’m glad that’s how it is. I’m glad we have these times right now, because I know they’ll only be echoes from the past one day, that I will only be able to remember them but not go back.

{I was thrilled to get the photos of Lydia, my seven-year-old sister (the one with the red hair), because she usually hides from the camera! This time, though, she had no clue I was taking photos and I was elated to get these! Talk about those tiny moments that mean so much.}


4 Responses

  1. Emily says:

    awww looks like fun!!! Gorgeous pictures as always, Hannah!! =)

  2. Emily says:

    Yes, moments with family are the best!

  3. Jennoelle says:

    looks lovely and perfect. and also, I’m jealous of Lydia’s red hair. ;)

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