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Sometimes you just need to run in a big field

Posted on: November 10th, 2011 by Hannah Beasley 3 Comments

Maria's Clothes 147-edit

(Don’t ask me what’s with Micaiah’s facial expression)

Maria's Clothes 068-edit

Maria's Clothes 075-edit-hannah

Maria is starting an Etsy business, and will be selling some of the clothes and crafts she’s made – and, of course, she designated me as the fashion photographer for the day. There’s a gorgeous field out behind our house that we love to use for photoshoots – in fact, that’s where we did my senior shoot and Micaiah’s latest photos, too. We actually don’t own the field. I guess, technically, we shouldn’t go back there, considering the fact that we don’t own it, buuuut, sometimes it’s just too much to resist. ;) So the cornfield was our stage yesterday.



Maria's Clothes 043-editMaria's Clothes 091-edit

See what I mean by not being able to resist? It was so beautiful out there.

Maria's Clothes 176-edit

Maria's Clothes 161-edit

Maria's Clothes 220-edithannahMaria's Clothes 216-edit

Maria's Clothes 181Maria's Clothes 171

NaNoWriMo is going very well – I’m at 18,470 words so far! It hasn’t been completely easy every day, but cappuccinos, sitting outside, my favorite pen, and blaring music have helped a great deal. ;) My book has behaved pretty well, though it was giving me some trouble during the first week. (Personification? Oh yes. Read this post.) I’ll post some excerpts soon – I really would like opinions on some of it, if you all would like to do that! =D

How’s NaNo going for you? Is your novel behaving?


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  1. Emily says:

    Hi Hannah! I follow your designing blog :) That’s how I found this one. I’m doig NaNo, too. I have about 11,700 words. I’m kind of behind! Hey send me a NaNo mail and maybe we can be writing buddies!


    In Christ, Emily

  2. Hannah says:

    Hey Emily! Well thanks for stopping by (and following, too! =D).

    I’ll do that. ;)

  3. Carli Nicole says:

    Oh my goodness…this looks so fun. I love open fields.


    P.S. I’m hosting a photo challenge. Check it out! http://reflectionsaphotographyblog.blogspot.com/2011/11/snapshot-saturday-holiday-decore.html

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