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Posted on: November 26th, 2011 by Hannah Beasley No Comments

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This week was a time of baking and preparation for Thanksgiving, a time to spend a few precious moments together as a family, simply being together and drinking french presses at our favorite coffee shop. This week was me urging my brother Micaiah on to finish his novel by November 30st, spending hours talking with him about his plot and how to go about writing a whole novel. We’ve spent hours outside doing nothing but writing! This week was decorating pie shell leaves to go on the pie and cake that we had on Thursday, with the help of Jo. =D

Little by little I’ve been taking more photos, doing more to exercise myself with the camera. I’ve been fearfully negligent toward my poor camera, and now I’m starting to do more with it. So when the pie-leaf-decorating was going on I loved being able to get a few photos of everyone – finally!

Our Thanksgiving was very quiet, but peaceful in general and a good time to rest and spend time with each other. What was your Thanksgiving like? I am thankful for –

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